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Wood Canvas 5"x7"

Wood Canvas 5 £20.00

Here at Thewitchez we have a passion for transferring your favourite memories directly on wood. We are inspired by our customers’ designs, and aim to provide them with the most unique, personal and stylish work of art that we possibly can.
Photo on wood gift series is a truly fantastic and unique alternative to traditional photo printing.

Wood Canvas 8"x10"

Wood Canvas 8 £30.00

Wood is such a cool canvas for printing because every print is unique. It is like a fingerprint, no two sheets of wood have the same grain signature, so every print – regardless if the same image is used – becomes a unique piece of art that will age with dignity that only wood has to offer.

Wood Canvas Vintage Corners

Wood Canvas Vintage Corners £5.00

Go vintage for just extra £5.00 :) The wood canvas looks simply amazing with those vintage additions.

Photo Mug

Photo Mug £10.00

Photo Mugs are simply one of the most practical gift ideas out there.
The fact is that your mum, dad, grandpa, grandma, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend and that someone you work with will definitely like their own personalised photo mug :)

Photo T-Shirt

Photo T-Shirt £15.00

Personalised T-shirts...perfect gifts for everyone!

Photo Clock

Photo Clock £35.00

Transfer the photo of your loved creature onto a photo clock. :)

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